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Toyota Teams with Israeli startup, Cortica, in race towards autonomous car

Despite the conservative engineering and enterprise practices that slowed Toyota’s progress within the autonomous car section the announcement alerts a giant step ahead. Some executives within Toyota referred to the corporate’s future car as a “tremendous pc on wheels,” with processing energy that can depart all of its rivals far behind. Toyota’s dramatic breakthrough comes from the Israeli auto-tech market: a startup called Cortica.


Cortica is a veteran startup by Israeli high-tech standards, the startup has worked in video processing and pictures using synthetic data (AI) with authorities prospects and intelligence companies in Israel and rest of the world.

Cortica is a result of a research project at Israel’s Technion Institute that led to a series of breakthrough discoveries into how the mammal cortex deciphers visual environments.

Those three researchers later on would be Cortica’s founders combining their expertise in Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science to hack into live rat brain tissue and “encode” digital images. Mimicking these natural biological processes is the core of Cortica’s autonomous AI.


A couple of weeks ago, the startup introduced the media that it had put in its algorithm on a super-chip for an autonomous car of Japanese tier-1 auto provider Renesas as an answer for Stage 2 and three ADAS autonomous car methods. On the similar time, the 2 corporations are already engaged on a extra superior era of the chip.

Mass production of the module will start within the end of 2019. The feedback of this announcement was very skeptical from the auto business, this is a result of the primary downside of a “tremendous pc for a car” of this kind is an insatiable urge for food for electrical energy, one thing that’s notably difficult for electrical automobiles. Claims of a “leap in efficiency, mixed with a dramatic discount in energy consumption” are often self-contradictory.


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