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Opened in 1997, JETRO Tel Aviv has been on the forefront of promoting innovation and cooperation between Japan and Israel. JETRO's office is built around an expertise in international trade, investment, business development, and industrial cooperation. 

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IVC (Israel Venture Capital) Research Center

Founded in 1997, IVC aggregates the information of Israeli companies and startups, creates market research reports, customizes special reports based on request, as well as produces databases of Israel high-tech industries. All information is collected by in-house experts, with the quality and quantity of information produced standing out from any other research group, with more than 20 years of accumulated information and data on Israel's startups and investors.



IJCC(Israel Japan Chamber of Commerce) was established in 1956, four years after the diplomatic relations between Israel and Japan started.


Jakore's COO/CIO, Yony Golan, cooperates IJCC as one of the board members. Today, IJCC is Israel's leading organization for Japan-related matters.

Blockchain Israel

Blockchain Israel’s main commitment is to help entrepreneurs tackle some of the hardest problems with help from the community, share their knowledge or learn from others on the key areas where technological solutions could make the greatest impact in society.


Bavilon is a technology based consulting company comprised of elite Israeli tech-based consultants. A majority of the consultants are graduates of Israels SIGNIT 8200 unit, specializing in cyber-security, cloud computing, encryption, deep-learning, machine-learning computer vision, and more.

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