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The First Lab-Grown Yakiniku (Steak) was Unveiled by Israeli Food Tech Startup

(Illustrated image source by Jakore Ventures)

Aleph Farms, Israeli clean meat company, has officially unveiled the first lab-grown steaks in the world.

The scientists extracted single cells from a living cow and nourished them. They made excellent use of 3D technologies to make the steaks close to ideal tissue structure, texture and flavor. The lab-grown steaks would be the first prototype in the world.

Recently, food technology attracted a lot of people in Israel and the number of Israeli startups in food tech sector has increased remarkably. The Israeli tech ecosystem has over 300 companies in the food tech sector now according to a recent report by the IVC Research Center. November in 2018, the “Food Venture Summit” was held in Paris and Jet-Eat, Israeli food tech startup, was selected as one of the winners of the 2018 Food Accelerator Network Program competition. The company developed a technology for 3D printed vegan steaks.


In general, “Food tech” means the technology for innovation in total food supply chain from production to sales. In Japan, there are not many startups related to clean meat technologies.

Why is the food tech sector popular in Israel? Israel is consisting of lots of Jewish immigrations from Europe and The US. Those countries have higher percentage in the population of Vegetarians and Vegans than other areas. Those people think of slaughter as a serious problem. On the other hand, Most of Japanese startups in food tech sector focus on the technologies to reduce waste of food because food loss and waste are so serious problem in Japan. It’s important to consider cultural background of the country.


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