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Medtronic PLC acquired Nutrino Health Ltd.

photo by Nutrino Official website

Medtronic PLC acquired an Israeli company called Nutrino Health Ltd., which provides nutritional platform and an application to support glycemic control for diabetic patients. The companies has joined two years ago, and in June this year, they cooperated by sharing Nutrino's data with Medtronic's instrument.

Diabetes is a disease in which there are high blood glucose levels over long term. It’s known to cause many serious complications and to be hard to recover completely. Diabetic patients are routinely necessary to control blood glucose levels such as diet, exercise insulin injection and medication in order to prevent complication. However, under blood glucose control, the burden on patients is heavy, and early subjective symptoms are very small, so it often becomes serious unconsciously. Therefore, it is important to make it easy to control glucose level for patients.

Moreover, it is also important for patients and doctors to know the fluctuation of blood glucose level in order to proceed with correct treatment.


Common was Self-monitoring of blood glucose, which is to record blood glucose levels ​​several times on your own, but recently equipment that monitors blood glucose levels automatic, called CGM has become widespread. Medtronic has a high share of CGM instruments, insulin pumps, in field of diabetes.

Nutrino (a platform for nutrition data and analytics), develops and operates a smartphone application for dietary data entry and diet proposal by diabetic patients to control blood glucose using CGM and other data, and it is possible to reduce the burden on patients concerning blood sugar control by enabling proposals tailored to their preferences and state.

There are many other applications for diabetes patients. But strength of nutrino is what meal and blood sugar response prediction and meal proposal is personalized.


Since 2016 nutrino have partnered Medtronic by making it possible to acquire medtronic's CGM data from nutrino’s application FoodPrint(TM).

In June, FoodPrint data is available from Medtronic instruments log application so that the doctor can easily check the meal contents along with the patient's blood sugar.

On acquisition, Medtronic will integrate Nutrino's database and analysis into Medtronic’s CGM system. It aims to increase the service to diabetes patients.

Also, Neutrino is good at acquiring and analyzing food data, so it may help restricting the diet of not only diabetes but other diseases and may aid finding new medical. Furthermore, since diet is also an important factor in the field of preventive medicine, there is no doubt that it will be great help in this field. Primary prevention seems to have no affinity for medical instrument manufacturers, but as the medical device field is maturing and sluggish. It is expected that the ratio of preventive medicine will increase.








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