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We support to deliver Innovation, Digitalization, and Globalization


Our Mission

Jakore is a One-Stop Shop for High Technology companies to enter Asia starting with Japan.


Our Destination

Integrating Disruptive Technologies

To Bring Digital Transformation

New Mobility Services


Smart Mobility


Sensor Fusion

Car Security

Digital Health


Elderly Care

Patient Engagement

Remote Monitoring

Home Medical Care

Process Digitalization

Digital Finance

Mobile Payment

Blockchain as an Architecture of Trust

Continuous Intelligence

Cyber Security

Industry 4.0 Transformation

AI & Robotics


Edge Computing

Anomaly Detection

Industrial/Consumer IoT


Bio Tech

Med Tech

Agri Tech

Retail & Logistics

Ad Tech


3 Strength

In order to progress your business inside Japanese/Asian corporates, Jakore know the insides and we will support you along the whole process from the right fit to your product and stage, through negotiation and until the technological implementation.

Jakore know the Insides of Japanese/Asian corporates



Startups that

were supported



 Japanese Corporations






1. Experience

Fast Plug-In through our Local Network and Expertise

Jakore is strong to the local business and governmental network. Also we have local engineers and sales personnel who are ready to support your company at once.

Reduce your Expansion Risk and Costs

Instead of building own team from scratch and get into high HR risk, you can take advantages of ours with lower cost until you get traction in the local market and then we can support your team buildup in natural way.

2. Network

”Know How” that covers

9,000 km from Israel to Japan.

Since Jakore’s team has a long experience in Japanese IT giant, bank and startups, we can provide you the most suitable supports to meet your needs, depending on your company’s condition, including product and financial stage.

Decrease the Cultural Friction by using our Business Cultural “Know-How”

Both Hebrew and Japanese native speakers in Jakore’s team will support you in order to break the communication barriers.

3. Know How

Our Service

growth platform overview.png

Japan Growth Platform

Jakore assist high technology companies to develop your business and to implement the technology to Japanese/Asian countries.

With our unique strategy and strong experience, we can support you to overcome challenges related to localization as one-stop shop.

From Early to Mature, Needs Based Support


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