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Israel Innovation Authority is Calling Japanese Companies to Join its New Innovation Lab Program for

This program (Innovation Lab Platform) is intended to support entrepreneurs that needs platform support to reach to a PoC stage and for Int’l corporates that seek to cooperate with Israeli startups.

In this scheme we can find 5 other “Innovation Labs” programs:


1. Alliance Open Innovation Lab

  • Shareholders: Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

  • Sector: Automotive

  • Location: Tel Aviv

  • Website:


  • Shareholders: Enel, Shikun&binui, Solel Bohne Infrastructure

  • Sector: Smart Infrastructure and Construction

  • Location: Haifa

  • Website:

3. Let-lab

  • Shareholders: Ham-let Sector:

  • Industry 4.0 and flow systems

  • Location: Tziporit – Nazareth elite Industrial zone

  • Website:

4. PMatX Ltd

  • Shareholders: Merck Ventures B.V. & Flextronics (Israel)

  • Sector: Novel materials and (2D & 3D) printing technologies related to electronics and devices utilizing them

  • Location: Yavne

  • Website:

5. FoodNxt

  • Shareholders: Frutarom Industries

  • Sector: FoodTech, functional ingredients, nutraceuticals

  • Location: Migdal Ha-Emek

  • Website:

This Program is for local and international corporates all together that seek to build an innovation lab in Israel.


Benefits of the program for corporates:

  1. The platform will support work cooperation with startups and other companies and academia.

  2. Attractive costs-

  • Israel Innovation Authority will fund up to 33% ( and up to 50% in the periphery areas) of the costs of establishing the required technological infrastructure and up to 4 Million NIS cap.

  • Israel Innovation Authority will also fund up to 50% of the operating expenses of the lab each year up to a maximum of half a Million NIS,

  • All of the above is without any requirement on the part of the Authority to invest financially in the projects.

  1. Exposure to the Israeli innovation ecosystem as a source of growth.

  2. Open innovation leadership: An opportunity to create value for stakeholders.

  3. Risk Sharing: Cost and risk sharing with the Israeli Innovation Authority.



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